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After more than a year of hitting the streets collecting signatures to recall Elyria Mayor Bill Grace, the group Stand Up Elyria has been riding a high since they found out that they had enough signatures to force an election. This week though something happened that earns them the D’OH Award. They did not renew their domain name I’ll give you one guess who now owns that name.

Craig Bevan, co-chair of Stand Up Elyria, said that after collecting all the names needed for the recall election they moved past Stand Up Elyria and onto the next stage. “We’re now in the recall Grace stage so our new website name is” noticed that Bevan’s group had let the site go so they quickly snagged it up. Now when you logon to, instead of seeing reasons why the recall group wants to remove Mayor Grace, you see Vote Yes Elyria – Keep Our Mayor!
“I have no problem with them using the name,” Bevan said. “It’s like they’re joining our side. People have stood up by signing the petition and now it looks like they’re confirming what the people have said.”


Blogger dirtdigger said...

God love him, what would the world be without Bevo? But one thing the Grace people have tried to squash over and over that there is only 3-4 people in the recall group when it is actually there are 3,000 citizens who signed the recall petition and they signed it knowing full well why they were signing it. Come to think of it there is another point that Grace and his people are blaming the recall group of now 3,000 + citizens for and that is the 50,000 that the recall election is going to cost. Well the City Charter states that if there are enough qualified signatures give to council then council must ask our mayor to step down. Now the mayor doesn’t have to step down, but because he didn’t step down then there has to be a recall election that will cost taxpayers they say 50,000, so it would seem that the one man by not stepping down is really the one and only person who is wasting the 50,000 cost and not the recall group of 3,000 +

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Robert Owsiak said...

Mr. Dirt That's what i guess I'll call you since you decided not to put your names with your views. Lets do a little math, there is about 50,000 residents in the city of Elyria. Now you got 3,000 signatures, so that means about 6.5% of the residents want the mayor to step down. Now let's say you are in charge of a factory with 100 people, now out of those 100 people 7 say you suck at the job you are doing and they want you to quit, are you going to. If you say yes then you are a Stupid. So since only 6.5% (give or take) want the mayor gone that means that 93.5% either don't care or think the mayor is doing just fine. I could be wrong but last time i checked 93.5 is bigger then 6.5. So i think the mayor has every right to not step down. I still see it as the Stand up Elyria group that is causing the city to waste "$50,000" and not the mayor. That is about 1 firefighter or police officers salary for the year. All wasted because you all are ignorant and can't see this city as what it is. To all the people that thing that they once we get a new mayor that everything is going to be all better are probably the same stupid people that thought once Obama hit the office that things would be different. Well guess what, They aren't. It doesn't matter who you put in charge of this city, they are going to have the same problem. Well i can't wait to see what happens with all this. On one hand i hope the mayor wins so i can see what excuses you all make for him winning but on the other hand i want him to lose so you can pick a new mayor so when NOTHING CHANGES i can call you all stupid ignorant people.

10:24 PM  
Blogger dirtdigger said...


I feel my name isn’t important to my post any more, it is what I write if it is fact or not. I have for over a year now put my real name under my post, so therefore I am sorry you have not see it before as it is Ken Behner aka dirtdigger. Now you and I have different points of view about who is wasting the 50,000 and yes I will agree at this point that there are only 3,000 + people in this city that wants Grace recall, Grace has ever right to stay the course and let the process run its course, but why is it fare for you and the Grace handlers to lie and say that the two Chairman’s of the recall is wasting the money when they are not. Now we can go back and forth about who is right and who wrong, but why? Because at the end of the day it will be the Citizens of Elyria as a whole will decide if Grace stays or goes. Nice try with the fake name game though, like I said above for over year now I am the only one who has put their real name at the bottom their post on the Chronicle site and on this very site.

Good day Sir

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Pete Wiegand said...

I did a little research and found that just over 12,000 people voted in Elyria this year. That means that 25% of the voters(that were able to)sign the petition. Say 5% to 10% don't show due to no interest because it doesn't matter, another 5% or so don't because they are students that are too busy. That now makes almost the percentage of voters closer to 50% for the recall. This could be the smartest $50,000 the city has spent in a dozen years. Good luck Bevo on your quest to make Elyria a better city.

I feel sorry for people that are so narrow minded that they can't believe a city can battle back from hard times. Hey Robert, who's job is it to bring more cash flow to a factory? The 100 laborers busting their butts or the Managment(Mayor)?

I feel that the ignorant and stupid people are the ones that give up and then bash the ones with a vision and a dream of better things.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Mike Snodgrass said...

Lets see? Who do i believe, recliner whiners, or wanna be recliner whiners!!! LOL!!! Grace reminds me of the Child King...he had the sense to get a grant for the rt 57 lights and put some folks to work, but why did he need to turn down the free lights and as a result the free maintenance of those lights by ohio edison just to have his favorite black framed lights? Why did he need to spend money from the dwendeling budget for roses and mulch to go around those lights? Hes made a big deal and spent big money on parks upgrades over the recent year or 2 but how many new sources of revenue moved on to the new industrial parkway after he rammed that down everybodies throat? He, like a child spends far more than he gets for an allowance! His idea of revenue generation has always been taxes, and only taxes, like a true Democrat!!!!

9:31 PM  

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