Monday, October 19, 2009


Elyria – Police were called to the area of Melvyn Lane and Allen Street early Saturday morning after neighbors reported hearing multiple gunshots ring out.

Witnesses gave a description of the car that the shots came from as a light blue four door sedan with tinted windows.

As Officers were responding to the area one Officer spotted a light blue Grand Marquis turning onto West Ave from West 15th Street. The Officer followed the car east on 16th Street, where the car blacked out his lights momentarily, to Middle Ave. The car then went south on Middle one block to 17th Street where the driver pulled into a driveway at a high rate of speed.

The Officer, who was all alone at the time, pulled in behind the vehicle and quickly got out with his gun drawn and ordered the man out of the car. Moments later several more Officers arrived and the man was taken into custody. The vehicle was searched for more suspects but nobody else was found in the car.

Officers did find several .223 caliber rounds; both spent and live, inside of the man’s car after doing a thorough search.

The driver of the car was not charged with the shooting but was charged with Driving Under Suspension, Reasonable Control and seat belt.

Police did a Gunshot Residue test on the suspect and are awaiting the results.

A witness told Police that the suspect vehicle pulled into a driveway in the complex and the driver went into a home for a few minutes before leaving east on Allen. Police spoke to people inside the home and they say they didn’t see or hear anything. Officers however did find a spent .223 caliber casing in the front yard.



Gunshots rang out early Wednesday morning on Depot Street near Washington Ave but nobody was injured. Officers in the downtown area heard the 5 shots fired around 2 a.m. Witnesses say that two men were shooting guns on Depot but shooting into the air. The men ran from Depot to Broad Street and people told Officers that they saw them going into an apartment building at 581 Broad. Officers swarmed the area but were not able to locate the men. Both men were described by witnesses as wearing hooded sweatshirts.


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