Sunday, September 27, 2009


Carlisle Township – Aside from a little bit of rain Sunday morning the 2009 Carlisle Township Fire Department Car & Bike Show was a huge hit with the community.

One of the big draws each year is the children’s water fights that the Firemen set up just outside of the Station. Children are dressed in full turnout gear and specially designed nozzles are used to push a ball across a wire about 8 feet off the ground. Push the ball to your opponent’s side and you win.
In the photo above Firefighters Rachel Rider assists a young girl in battling against a young man in a water fight. I believe the young lady won; I was busy drying off the camera lens.

Kids were also able to get up close and personal with a Lorain County Sheriff’s K9 Officer Mike Mettler and his dog, Kasper. As much as people were impressed by the demonstrations, they really loved the opportunity to sit with Kasper and pet him.
Another big draw was the special appearance by one of Metro LifeFlight’s new helicopters. Children and adults were able to closely inspect the new choppers as well as ask questions of the flight and medical team.

Aside from the car & bike show Firefighters gave a live presentation demonstrating cutting a car up like they would at the scene of a bad crash. At the end of the day they detonated the car’s airbags to show people the power behind the life saving devices.


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