Sunday, July 19, 2009


Elyria – A two-car collision sent one man to the hospital and a neighborhood fed up.

The crash occurred around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night at the intersection of Lexington and Clark Street in Elyria. Neighbors say they are fed up with people “blowing through stop signs” while their kids are at play.

Kattie Farkas has lived on the corner of Lexington and Clark for nearly two years and she says it’s time to go. “We’re moving and it’s because of things like this. We have seen too many crashes, some with injuries some without and we have also seen many near misses. My son was almost hit while crossing the street and it was the same situation, the driver of the car did not stop for the sign. That was too close for me so we are out of here on the first.”

Farkas said that she was on her porch and saw the black BMW stop for the sign and then began to proceed west on Clark when the red car, that was traveling south on Lexington, blew through the stop sign and T-Boned the BMW.

“Once the cars stopped, the driver of the BMW got out yelling at the kids – “That’s a stop sign, you know you’re suppose to stop” – he yelled some other stuff but you can’t print that.”

Farkas said that there were initially 4 kids in the red car but one fled right after the crash. “The driver handed him something and said take this to my house and he took off.”

LifeCare Paramedics treated and transported only one victim from the red car – all other occupants refused any treatment or transport.

Editors note: This morning I received an Email from one of the victim’s parents informing me that parts of the article are wrong. So in fairness to the people inside of the car, I will run the letter in full here.

Hello I am the parent of the PASSENGER that you misidentified as the DRIVER my son Brandon Epps was the passenger in the car driven by Sam Culberson and he and 1 other boy were taken to the Hospital (2 boys not 1) by the ambulance and MY son gave the other rear passenger his house key and told him to run to our house on Fairlawn to get me nothing was passed off and Norman (the guy who ran to my house) returned to the scene and is in your picture #4 so please fix your article as it is totally wrong

Thank you for your time I appreciate it.

Tracy Barbee


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