Monday, June 22, 2009


Division of EMS Promotes Lawnmower Safety
Each year, approximately 68,000 persons with injuries caused by power mowers are treated in emergency departments. With Trauma Season in full swing, the Division of Emergency Medical Services is partnering with Safe Kids Ohio in offering safety tips to keep children safe this summer.

“Children move very quickly, and you can’t always hear them if the mower is running, or you are listening to the radio,” said Ohio Department of Public Safety Director Henry Guzmán. “While summer is a great time for fun and relaxing activities, it also means paying more attention to your surroundings to ensure everyone is safe.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics considers the power lawnmower one of the most dangerous tools around the home. Lawnmower blades can rotate at 3,000 revolutions per minute; generate a force three times greater than a .357 Magnum; and propel a 1-pound object at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour. The most common lawnmower accidents involve children being run over, or flying debris causing penetrating and life threatening injuries.

“Children can be taught lawnmower safety at a young age, and it’s important to do so because lawnmower injuries are 100 percent preventable,”
said EMS Division Executive Director Richard Rucker.

The Division of EMS and Safe Kids Ohio are offering the following tips:
o Keep children and pets inside while operating a lawnmower
o Clear the yard of twigs, debris, tools and toys before mowing
o Read your operator’s manual and learn all safety features of your lawnmower
o Never leave your lawnmower running unattended
o Don’t allow children to play on or around a mower when it is in use or in storage
o A walk-behind mower operator should be no younger than 12
o A riding mower operator should be no younger than 16
o Extra riders should never be allowed on a riding mower.


Anonymous Steve said...

Lawnmowers are dangerous and should be treated with respect. if the blades can shatter loose stones what can they do for exposed feet and hands

4:20 AM  

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