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Call Time: 3:07 a.m. Saturday May 16, 2009
Sheffield Township – An intoxicated man was arrested early Saturday morning on multiple charges stemming from an assault on East 48th Street in Sheffield Township.

Lorain County Sheriff Deputies responded to 224 E. 48th Street after a woman called saying that her boyfriend was breaking out windows in their home attempting to get inside.

When Deputies arrived the suspect, Joseph Hildreth and two others – Samden Hildreth and Christina King – had already fled the scene and were believed to be heading into Lorain.

The victim told Deputies that Hildreth had been calling her all night wanting to return home. Due to his intoxicated state the victim said no and told the suspect that he should go to his brothers and sleep it off. She said that Hildreth gets violent after he has been drinking.

When Hildreth arrived at the home he began breaking out windows after the victim would not allow him to enter the home. The victim told Police that when Hildreth got into the home he took the phone away from her (she had been on with 9-1-1) grabbed her, pushing her to the ground. The victim is 6 months pregnant. The victim’s Uncle came out and pushed Hildreth out of the home.

After the Uncle threatened the three with a baseball bat if they came back into the home they left. While leaving King was reported to have said they would be back and would cause physical harm by blowing them up while Hildreth’s brother claimed that they were going to get a gun and return.

Deputies found that glass was shattered out of a side window along with splintered wood from a broken doorframe. Several layers of glass were shattered out from a bedroom window. Blood was also observed on the window glass, and window ledge along with blood on the siding and then blood down the driveway away from the home.

A description of Hildreth’s car was given to Lorain Police after they were seen heading into Lorain from the victim’s home. Officers found the car along with the three suspects in the 2300 block of Apple Ave.

LifeCare Paramedics were called after Officers found Hildreth bleeding profusely from an injury to arm and hands.
A Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to interview Samden Hildreth and Christina King at the Apple Ave scene but both refused to say anything about the incident. Both were arrested and charged with Aggravated Menacing (M-1).

When Deputies attempted to speak to Hildreth in the Emergency Room at Community Health Partners he became verbally abusive and disruptive in the ER, claiming he did not want any treatment and was going to leave.

Hildreth continued to refuse to discuss the incident and was then told that he would be charged with Domestic Violence. Hildreth stated that he was not under arrest because no one had a warrant and that he was leaving the ER. The Deputy and Hospital Police had to secure him in restraints due to the fact that he was intoxicated and bleeding.

Deputies returned to the Emergency Room a couple hours later after Hildreth had been properly treated and was taken into custody.

Hildreth was charged with Domestic Violence (F-5), Resisting Arrest (M-2), Underage Consumption (M-1), Disrupting Public Service (F-4), Disorderly Conduct Intox (MM) and Disorderly Conduct Persisting (M-4).


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Hey, not a bad looking older Lincoln, little rust in the wheel lip moldings and some brake dust rust on the front wheels, the blood as long as it isn’t in side on the interior will clean off just fine. Look at the license plate shine in the fender from the burgundy Mercury, bet he would sell it cheap to pay his fines. Hell I would buy it; it would make a nice ride.

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