Monday, March 23, 2009


Elyria – A combination of quick thinking of a store clerk, a quick steady flow of pertinent information to Officers by a Dispatcher and a quick, coordinated response by Elyria Police Officers result in the apprehention of an armed robber early Saturday morning.

Saturday – 6:20 am
Two store clerks, Aaron H. Simmons and Ms. Bertram, at the Circle K at 402 East Broad Street observed a white male, later identified as Matthew R. Kirkbride, wearing a green or dark colored jacket with a brown or tan skullcap enter their store. Kirkbride walked to the beer cooler and selected a 40oz bottle of Budweiser beer. Kirkbride then approached the counter and laid the beer on the countertop. Kirkbride then said, “I want the cash.” Ms. Bertram advised him that he could obtain cash from the ATM, and pointed him towards the machine. Kirkbride then reached behind his back, and pulled out a black handled steak knife and held it near his stomach area with the blade pointing towards Ms. Bertram and Mr. Simmons. Kirkbride then said, “I want all the cash.” Kirkbride then said, “Are we going to sit here and debate this?” Mr. Simmons then complied, and began giving the suspect the cash from his register ($66.00 in cash).

At that time, Ms. Bertram picked up her cell phone, and called the Elyria Police Department. Bertram placed the cell phone onto the counter so that dispatch could hear what was happening. Bertram then opened her register, and gave Kirkbride the contents of her register ($50.00 in cash). Kirkbride then grabbed the 40oz bottle of Budweiser, and exited the store. Bertram then ran after the suspect and observed him running northbound down Kipling St. towards Clark St. Ms. Bertram witnessed the suspect enter a dark colored Buick 4dr, near Clark St., and observed the vehicle head eastbound on Clark St. towards Abbe Rd. Ms. Bertram continued to relay all the information to the Police Dispatcher who was constantly relaying information to responding Officers.

One of the Officers responding was Elyria Police Officer Orsik who had been on routine patrol in the area.

6:26 am
Officer Orsik was on Clark St. when he observed a vehicle that fit the description that his Dispatcher had just given out, make a wide turn off of Kipling onto Clark with no lights on. Officer Orsik attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle but vehicle continued east on Clark towards the intersection of Winckles. The vehicle did not stop at the intersection and proceeded south on Winckles. Officer Orsik continued to follow the vehicle on Winckles towards East Broad St. The vehicle stopped at the intersection of E. Broad St. and then continued south crossing E. Broad onto Winckles. Officer Orsik continued to follow on Winckles approaching the intersection of Cambridge Ave. The vehicle stopped at the intersection of Winckles and Cambridge and Officer Orsik observed the driver, later identified as Matthew R. Kirkbride, throw a knife out of the driver’s side window onto the pavement. Officer Orsik exited his vehicle and ordered Kirkbride to exit the vehicle and get on the ground. Kirkbride exited the vehicle and took off his jacket and approached Officer Orsik yelling, “Here I am you got me”. Kirkbride got on the ground and Officer Varga and Sergeant Bermudez placed Mr. Kirkbride under arrest.

6:40 am
Officer Varga transported Mr. Kirkbride to Circle K, so that Mr. Simmons and Ms. Bertram could positively identify the suspect. Mr. Simmons and Ms. Bertram both positively identified Kirkbride as the man whom had robbed the store. Mr. Kirkbride then made an excited utterance and said, “It was me – I took your shit – Your money is in my car.” Officer Varga then transported Mr. Kirkbride to the Elyria City Jail for processing and will be held pending $23,440.00 cash bond or court appearance at Elyria Municipal Court.

Kirkbride has been charged with Aggravated Robbery (2911.01A1 F-1), Resisting Arrest (2921.33 M-4), OVI (4511.19A1 M-1), Driving Under Suspension (4510.16A M-1), Reckless Operation (4511.20A MM), and Fleeing the Scene (2921.331B M-1).

6:45 amStore Manager arrives and conducted an audit of the cash registers – confirms a total of $66.00 missing. The Manager also provided a copy of the store’s video surveillance to Officers.


Blogger silverdud said...

i went to high school with this guy and have seen him around on occasion. his life has gone down hill since we were younger and drugs are clearly to blame. its amazing how drugs can turn what used to be a decent human being in to a worthless drain on society.

9:55 PM  

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