Friday, March 13, 2009


Elyria – Elyria Police were called to 1864 Middle Ave, Midview Crossing, Thursday night after security there reported a disturbance at the front gate.

Security Officers told Police that a blue car pulled up to the guard gate with four people inside. Three of the four had proper identification required to enter the complex. One of the three who had proper ID was a resident of Midview Crossing.

The occupant who did not provide ID began yelling at the Security Officers and then “got in their face and spit on them.” The man, later identified as Gregory Raymore, then ran and jumped the fence near “E” building and continued running south.

While one Elyria Police Officer, Officer Eichenlaub, made contact with Security at the front gate, another Officer, Officer Todd Straub, began checking the surrounding area.

Eichenlaub questioned the remaining three occupants of the car – all three claimed to not know who the man who had been inside of their car.

Meanwhile Officer Straub located a man matching the description of the subject on Scott Street near Fuller Road. Straub stopped his car and as he got out to question the subject, also later identified as Raymore, he began running back towards the apartment complex. Straub yelled “Police Stop” but Raymore continued running through a large grassy area toward Nelson Street. Straub continued to yell orders to Raymore to stop and get one the ground – Raymore continued running. While running Straub observed Raymore to have an unknown object in his right hand.

Straub caught up to Raymore at the corner of Scott Street and Nelson Street where both Straub and Raymore fell to the ground in a grassy area. Raymore pushed Straub off of him and jumped back to his feet. Straub yelled for Raymore to stop resisting and he quickly turned and squared up in an aggressive stance in front of Straub with clenched fists. Raymore began to shove Straub and attempted to again run.

Straub grabbed Raymore and tackled him to the ground. Raymore continued to fight with Straub attempting to strike him and began grabbing at his duty belt.

Straub attempted to radio to other shift Officers several times for assistance while fighting with Raymore, but was unable. Due to the length of the pursuit and continued struggle, Straub began feeling hypoxic and exhausted. Raymore refused to obey Officers commands and continued to attempt to strike Straub to get away from him.

Straub was in fear for his safety due to his exhaustion, continued struggle, and lack of being able to contact other officers for assistance. Straub then used an open hand distraction technique and inadvertently struck Raymore in the facial area. Raymore continued to attempt to scramble and get away.

While on the ground, Straub placed Raymore in a headlock and continued to tell him to stop resisting. Mr. Raymore slid out of his shirt, coat, and Officer Straub’s grasp and began running in a northeast direction toward 2034 Scott St.

Tired and exhausted, Straub again gave chase to Raymore. Raymore attempted to jump a fence at the back of the driveway, leading into the back yard of 2034 Scott St. Raymore fell breaking several pieces of the fence. Raymore then began running in the back yard of the residence. Straub jumped the fence and observed Raymore to be tired and fall to the ground. Straub was able to place Raymore into handcuffs and radio to other officers for assistance.

While this was going on, Officers began hearing Straub’s call for help and responded to the area. Officer Eichenlaub arrived and found Straub’s car, then observed a pile of clothing and several items lying on the sidewalk on Scott St. near Nelson St. Eichenlaub observed a set of Straub’s handcuff’s laying on the sidewalk near the pile of clothes. Eichenlaub and Sumpter began yelling for Straub. Officers then began running through backyards looking for Straub.

Eichenlaub made contact with Straub who was extremely out of breath. Officer Eichenlaub observed Officer Straub’s gun belt to partially off and his clothing disheveled. Officer Straub advised that he felt nauseous and could not catch his breath.

While searching the area where Raymore assaulted and fought with Straub Officers collected several items that belonged to Straub and Raymore – including Raymore’s identification card.

Officers returned to the guard gate and showed a booking photo of Raymore to the Security Officers and asked if it was the same man who they had the altercation with earlier – the Security Officers said yes and when he found out what the man’s name was he advised Officers that Raymore was on the “trespass list” and wished to press charges.

Raymore was charged with Assault on a Police Officer F-4, Resisting Arrest M-1, Obstructing Official Business F-5 and Criminal Trespass M-4. Raymore is currently being held in the Elyria City Jail.


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