Friday, February 27, 2009


Elyria – A dump truck carrying a load of… well, a bunch of junk, lost part of its load on Cedar Street just off of Broad Thursday afternoon. The truck had just turned onto Cedar from Broad when the back gate opened allowing debris to completely coat a single lane from Broad for about 100 feet.

Ken Behner, aka Dirtdigger, was in a nearby office when he witnessed the dumping. Behner, not known for walking away from helping, ran out into the intersection to direct traffic away from the debris. “As cars are making the turn onto Cedar from Broad they couldn’t see the mess because of the other traffic so somebody had to get out here.”

Brian Allen, owner of Heavy Duty Graphics on Cedar Street, also witnessed the dumping and contacted the Police right away. Police were able to later find the dump truck right around the corner in the parking lot of Advanced Auto. The crew was located while cleaning up another pile of debris that had fallen from their truck near the auto shop.

Employees from the DRX trucking company returned to scene and began cleaning. By the time they had arrived they found others assisting in getting the road cleared for traffic. Those pushing brooms and humpin shovels included employees from the City of Elyria Street Department and a couple men in blue. Two Elyria Police Officers, one Captain and a Sergeant to be exact, were in the middle of the road getting their hands dirty to help get that lane reopened.

With so many people pitching in, the front-end loader that arrived later was not needed.

The clean up lasted less than an hour and the lane was reopened to happy travelers.

It should be noted that TMC NEWS pitched in by helping keep Good Samaritan Ken Behner safe by loaning him a reflective safety vest. Our crack Photographer would have lent a hand but all of the brooms and shovels were taken already.


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