Sunday, February 22, 2009


Henrietta Township – A single car crash on Gifford Road Sunday afternoon left one teen in serious condition.

Troopers say that 19-year-old Sarah Haynes of Wakeman was traveling north on Gifford Road when the crash occurred. They say at some point Haynes lost control of her car and went off the right side of the road – striking a utility pole. Troopers say that when the car left the road heading for the pole it was on its side – the car crashed into the pole roof first.

Firefighters from Camden Township responded and found Haynes still inside of the car – trapped with serious head injuries.

Along with the normal extrication equipment Firefighters knew that they would have to get creative and think outside the box to get Haynes out of the mangled car. One of the Firemen, who lived close by, went home and returned with a Bobcat Super Boom. Utilizing all of the tools Firefighters carefully cut away and created an opening to remove Haynes. All during the extrication the Firefighters and Paramedics were aware of the amount of pain Haynes was in as she cried and screamed.
Once extricated Haynes was placed on a backboard and taken to an awaiting ambulance. Paramedics from Central Lorain County Ambulance District continued their treatment and transported her to Allen Community Hospital in Oberlin.

During the extrication process the weather turned against the Rescuers – snow began to fall and became heavier and heavier. At times it was almost blizzard conditions with low visibility.

Troopers, who conducted their investigation through the heavy snowfall as well, said that they discovered Haynes had been traveling in the wrong lane just before the crash. Marks on the road indicated that she was in the southbound lane before cutting across and going off the road. When Hayne’s Ford Contour Sport hit the ditch the car began to roll – that is when the car struck the pole. The impact collapsed the roof in on Haynes – bending the car in the center.

Paramedics had initially requested Metro LifeFlight to meet them at the hospital but due to the weather conditions the helicopter had to turn back. Haynes was later transported by ground to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland where her condition is unknown at this time.
The Ohio State Highway Patrol continues to investigate the crash.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah and Family,

We hope your recovery continues and know that you are in our prayers!

THe O'Brien Family
Julie, Mike, Erin & Kaitie

9:54 AM  

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