Sunday, October 26, 2008


LaGrange Township – A late night crash Saturday on Indian Hollow Road sent one man to Cleveland by helicopter and a neighborhood shaking their heads.

Jerry & Helen Rader were just getting to bed when a couple minutes past midnight when they heard a crashing sound. “It was like crash, crash, crash,” said Helen Rader. “We knew it was the sounds of a car crash but we didn’t realize it was right in our own front yard.”

Trooper Clifton Dowell of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said that Mark Gibson, a LaGrange resident who also lives on Indian Hollow, was southbound when he lost control of his Cadillac. “We’re not sure yet why Mr. Gibson lost control and went off the road. Due to his condition we have not been able to interview him.”

Trooper Dowell said that Gibson went left of center on Indian Hollow, just south of the railroad tracks, and then went off the left side of the road where he struck and took down a utility pole. “Mr. Gibson’s car continued through the yard striking a wood pile and then a small tree before coming to rest.”

Both Emergency Medical Technicians, the Rader’s rushed outside to check for victims. “When we got to the car we found just the driver and he was not responsive at all,” said Jerry Rader. “We immediately held C-Spine to prevent any further injury and checked for other obvious injuries and any potential dangers in and around the car.”

LaGrange Township Fire & Rescue was on scene within minutes of the crash and took over treatment of the victim. Due to his injuries and the fact that Gibson was not alert, a helicopter was called to the scene.

Metro LifeFlight landed in a field across the street from the Rader home and took over care of Gibson. He was then flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

Technicians from Fred’s Towing Service in Grafton were left with the task to extricate the car from wooded area. The front of the car was stuck by a small tree. Jerry Rader, still awake, retrieved his chainsaw from the garage and assisted Fred’s by cutting the tree.

Trooper Dowell said that it is not known yet if alcohol played a role in the crash and that charges are likely.


Anonymous karl said...

Just what sort of trees does this guy have on his property?
I believe it should be that his car struck the tree, not vice versa.
Anyway, hopefully a quick recovery and glad to see a story that did not end in a fatality for the driver.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karl, the story states that the car was stuck by a small tree not stRuck by a small tree :-). If a small tree stRuck that car then I want one of those trees in my front yard. Maybe it would slow down the asshole drivers flying up and down my street.

6:19 AM  

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