Wednesday, October 15, 2008


With the third and final Presidential Debate now behind us – have you locked in on one ticket? Did the final debate change your vote?



Anonymous james said...

Man you all must want to get raped in life or something look at the voting here tmc is incorrect you can vote a million times for one person

10:45 AM  
Anonymous james said...

what about joe plumber

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Patsy said...

Please think long and hard before casting a vote for Obama/Biden.
For years, Senator Obama attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago where he and his family listened to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright preach against the United States and other inflammatory statements.
It was only after the media released tapes of Rev. Wrights sermons, several months into the campaign, that Senator Obama distanced himself from Rev. Wright and his preaching.
Senator Obama admits to knowing and admiring Rev. Wright for 17 years. So much so that he allowed his young impressionable children to attend this mans sermons.
Senator Obama has also refused to release his medical records, while his opponent Senator McCain has released his medical records. What does Senator Obama have to hide? What price will we as citizens have to pay to keep Senator Obama healthy, if he is elected president?
His running mate, Joe Biden was not supportable as a presidential candidate.
How does his being a vice-presidential nominee make it easier to to elect him?
If he did not have the experience and the support to run and get elected president, do we really want to give him a back door to the presidency? Admittedly, its a slim chance but its a chance just the same!
While I admit, there are a few factors against McCain/Palin, I would rather take my chances with Senator McCain and his experience.
Sarah Palin may be young on the National level but she shows an ambition to change the status quo in Washington DC that appeals to me.

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

patsy said: Senator Obama has also refused to release his medical records, while his opponent Senator McCain has released his medical records. What does Senator Obama have to hide? What price will we as citizens have to pay to keep Senator Obama healthy, if he is elected president?

What Patsy forgot to mention, but I'm sure she either doesn't care or just ignores because there is an (R) next to McCains name is that when McCain "released" his med records he only allowed selected media into a room to review only selected pages. None of the media was allowed to record any of the records, just look and they were on a time limit. Ithink if we have any concerns about paying for someones medical bills it would be McCain.

I also found it interesting that Patsy said, although there are some factors she has against McCain Palin she will vote for them. Notice how she didn't mention what the factors were?

3:02 PM  
Anonymous James said...

Man u all are whack what does a medical record have to do with a election u all are just prejudice and im white

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would trust Obama/Biden long before I'd trust McCain/Palin. I'm looking for changes in the future... not the same old song and dance. There are very few differences between McCain and Bush. McCain is out of touch with todays problems. His advisers even told him to avoid talking about the economy because its one of his weak points... not to mention that he was almost put in jail in the 80's for his associations with "The Keating 5". His healthcare plan will cause more than 2 million people to lose their insurance. And who would even consider a candidate with Palin on the ticket. She has absolutely no qualifications to be Vice President. Mavericks... whatever. How much more of this can the country handle???!!

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Patsy said...

1. I did not ignore the fact that Senator McCain limited the media from photographing his medical records nor did I ignore the fact that only certain credible media were allowed to access his medical records. At least he allowed the media to see them.
My point was Senator Obama refused to release ANY of his medical records - just a "letter" from his doctor stating that Senator Obama has suffered from the "common" ailments that most of us suffer from.
2. It does not matter one iota to me whether there is an R, a D before a candidates name or if the candidate is an Independent runner.
What matters to me is 1. Has the candidate always been respectful of OUR country? Has he been linked to anyone who is openly disrespectful to our country? (JIM AYERS and REVEREND JEREMIAH WRIGHT)
3. I did not take the time to list what concerns I would have about Senator McCain/Governor Sarah Palin because my comment was longer than I originally intended.
My only reservation about Senator McCain is that Senator Obama and Joe Biden have went out of their way to make him seem like he is incapable of filling the position when he actually has more political experience than either of them. I wonder how he will overcome the prejudices when dealing with the lawmakers if/when given the role of President of the United States.
Will they allow him to make the changes necessary to reverse some of the damage that has been done?
For that fact, will they allow Senator Obama, if he is elected, to change the status quo?
I think that all of those representatives who are currently sitting in a nice cushy office getting a nice cushy paycheck will fight tooth and nail to keep the perks of their positions and not worry too much about us little people.
I think that of the two candidates, Senator McCain has the pull, the political history and knowledge and the right qualifications to get it done.
My other concern is that while Governor Sarah Palin iscurrently running Alaska, ambitious, and a fighter for justice- I have to wonder how much hell the bureaucrats in Washington will subject her to and whether she will be able to be an effective Vice President because of the "Good Old Boys" in Washington DC.
Will every move they make be an uphill battle just to keep the status quo?
Thats a valid concern because even with all of the support that Senator Hillary Clinton had from the citizens, the Good Old Boys club refused to get behind her and give her a run for the presidency.
Given the choice and what I know of the candidates: I WILL CHOOSE SENATOR MCCAIN/GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN anytime over someone who has associated with known domestic terrorists and with someone who uses a pulpit to put down the country that I live in and allows their children to listen to that trash and teach them that its ok.
Amy, I hope I have answered you sufficiently.. Thanks for making me clarify what I forgot to mention.

10:51 PM  
Anonymous James said...

Hope the votes on here show up like that at the polls and mccain gets crushed

10:52 AM  
Blogger Pole & 18th-21st Street Block Watch said...

Why only those two choices? You are worse than the media. I didn't vote for either and I wasn't undecided so your poll could not be answered by me.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Poor Amy....It seems that you truely believe Fox & Friends(fair & balanced my a**) and your best friend, Rush, the drug-addict/biggot. It's very sad you lead such sheltered biggoted life and believe these morons. Even McCain himself called Barak a decent family man that happens to have a different political views. I would've taken either Obama or McCain until his idiotic Bush cronies convinced him to start all of this exaggerated negative campaigning against Obama. McCain is on tape saying that HE believed people who made more can pay higher taxes. Most of what he is saying now goes gainst the whole premise of his political career!

Please, I implore you to branch out and seek answers for yourself instead of taking what the networks (any of them)feed you as gospel. Everything is out there for you to help you make an INFORMED decision. Use other references for your decision. Look at all of the Republicans jumping ship. There is a good reason for it.

8:54 PM  

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