Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Camden Township – An early morning crash between a small truck and a man on a bicycle has left the bicyclist dead.

Paramedics from Central Lorain County Ambulance District were called to Route 20 near Baumhart just after 6am Tuesday morning for the crash. When Medics arrived they found the bicyclist had already died from the injuries.

Troopers say the both the truck and the bicycle were traveling on Route 20 when the collision occurred. The bicycle had no lights and the man was wearing dark clothing.

Although the crash remains under investigation, it appears that drugs or alcohol did not play a role in the early morning crash.

Family of the victim have yet to be notified so the victim’s name has not been released.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

UPDATE:Officials have released the name of the man who was killed in this crash as 48 year old Robert Lamarr. Lamarr died at the scene from neck and head trauma.



Anonymous Heather said...

I hope this serves as a lesson to all bicyclists to wear reflective clothing!!! I am sorry this terriable accident happened but this honestly probably prevented if the person on the bike had worn the proper riding gear. I hope the person who was driving the vehicle is going to be ok mentally and emotionally.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should always wear reflective clothing and remember a bike is the same as a car ride going with traffic have a rear light and a front light it is state law. don;t know how many times i have seen bicyclists out after dark with out either.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just last week, came across a bike in the road in Amherst at night with no reflective gear on. Luckily I saw him and told the driver of the car I was in. He did not see him at all!!!!

6:14 PM  

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