Monday, October 27, 2008


Jan. 24, 2009 is the deadline to renew firefighter certification in order to continue to practice firefighting in the state of Ohio. This is the first time since the adoption of new fire rules in January 2008 that firefighters must renew their certification so some firefighters may still be unaware of the closing date.

Renewing is simple and can be done online at

“The Division of EMS has worked hard to share information regarding the new fire law, training and education that became effective this year to ensure that every firefighter in the state has ample time to renew their licensures to continue to serve their communities,” said Executive Director of the Division of EMS Richard Rucker.

The adoption of the fire rules mandated that within 12 months of the effective date (Jan. 24, 2008), rules must be established and the executive director of EMS must phase-in the renewal of current certificates over a 12 month period following the effective date.

The new rules will allow better training and tracking of certificate holders as well as enhance the skills of the firefighters that ultimately improve the level of care for Ohioans.

The Ohio Fire Alliance spearheaded the legislation [Fire Bill 401] that now requires ongoing training and certification for firefighters. Previously, firefighters were certified once upon initial approval of their application.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety, through the Division of EMS, oversees the certification of emergency medical technicians and firefighters and ensures that the professionals in these lifesaving roles are properly trained, educated and prepared for emergency situations.


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