Thursday, August 21, 2008


Amherst – Amherst Firefighters were called to Amherst High School after receiving an alarm from the building.

The building had already been evacuated by the time the Fire Department had arrived; Firefighters quickly began a search of the building. During a search Firefighters found smoke coming from the north end of the school in the science room. Unable to immediately find the source of the smoke Amherst Fire requested mutual aid assistance from South Amherst and Elyria Township Fire Departments.

Firefighters took to the roof and began searching in the ceilings but both were clear.

Then the source of the smoke was discovered – according to Chief Wayne Northeim of the Amherst Fire Department, a cookie had been placed inside of a microwave and set to cook for 10 minutes. Perhaps a bit too long for a cookie.


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