Saturday, October 27, 2007


While our friends at the Avon Lake Fire Department were enjoying their Boo Bash at the Irish Heritage Center Saturday night, another group of guys spent the night kicking the crap out of each other at the St. John’s Lutheran Church on West River in Elyria.

The Modern Warrior Combat Challenge brought their Cage and about a dozen Mixed Martial Arts fights to Elyria Saturday night.

Ian Oskins, also from Elyria, said that tonight’s fights were “kickass.” “All I could think about through all of the matches was man, I gotta start training.” Oskins, a pole vaulter at Elyria High School said that although he has never been to one of these fights before, he will surly be back for the next one.

One of the more popular fighters came from Team Total Revolution out of Lima, Ohio. Chris Henderson, weighing in at 153lbs. and fighting his eighth fight, is close to turning professional according to his manager. Henderson’s opponent was 146lb Elijah Wallace. The fight didn’t make it through the first of 3 scheduled 3-minute rounds before the fight was stopped by “TKO” after the ref saw that Wallace just wasn’t able to defend himself any longer.
Gage Hume from Wellington also enjoyed the fights. “The fights were great; it’s something I’m sure plenty of teenage guys would like to see. It’s the first time I’ve been to an actual match but I know a few fighters and I would definitely go to again. I couldn’t see myself doin it, I’m too tall.”

Another fighter for Team Total Revolution is 136lb Brent Sidle who went up against 184lb Cory Ruthgatz. Sidle’s fight didn’t end in victory like Henderson’s but it did get into the third round before it was called. Sidle and Ruthgatz did put on one of the more entertaining battles for the bloodthirsty audience. Outweighed and perhaps outmatched Sidle got his clock cleaned but held in there well into the third round.

Justin Willis from Elyria said that he has been to see fights like this before, but never in this area. “I think this is new to our area and everyone I saw had a great time. I am looking forward to the next one, I am sure there will be more people and more fighters too.” When Willis was asked why he enjoyed it he said he liked watching people beat each other up. “I am thinking about training for it, I might give it a shot.”
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. This just does not seem right. Brawling inside a church. What are we becoming? Where are we headed?

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for the un-educated person(s) out there that may see this as "unfit" I will now present to you the facts. BRAWLING, is definetly not the best way to describe the sport that is displayed in the article you are reading. This is not a "battle to the death" event as held annually before, AS WELL AS DURING, biblical times (hence why it was held at a church) God is to know all, see all, and is the creator of all. In which, I most certainly do believe! He is also the father,savior, and PROTECTOR of his followers. There is nothing better than to feel the warmth of the lord before you participate in such a sport. You thank the lord everytime something good happens, so having an event at one of his MANY sancuaries is the LEAST we could do. The reason a lot of people DONT go to church is because they have this belief that church is a place of boredom. A place of "crazy" people, and wierd smells, and STRICT disciplins. When a lot of people see this, they feel that churches are obviously not what they believed them to be. Seeing that you CAN have fun. Seeing that the RUMORS about religion AREN'T true.

Do I feel good that this event was held at a church? YES!!! I am GLAD to spread the word of Christ and attract people of all walks of life to his Domain.

There was a team of "fighters" there deemed- "The Lord's Army" The Lords Army is a fight team made up of members of a HIGHLY respected and well known Church who are trained, and taught everything they know by thier Coach is is also the preacher for the church in which they attend. On the back of the lords army t-shirts is has many different quotes in which published in the orignal bible have EVERY BIT to do with combative sport.

This sport is not called BRAWLING... It is Mixed Martial Arts. Its statistically ten times safer and PROVEN than boxing. In all STATE ATHLETIC COMMISSION SANCTIONED events there has not been a SINGLE recorded death. But yet, in boxing, an average of 4 deaths per year. This event is sanctioned by the state of ohio's athletic commission in a controlled environment. This is the largest and fastest growing spectator sport in the WORLD. You can criticize it all you want, and deem it in-appropriate but it is NOT held IN THE CHURCH. It is held IN THE GYMNASIUM of a church. It is in no way, shape, and/or form sac-religious and nor will it ever be. It is a sport just as basketball, karate, and football which are all practiced and participated in everyday at churches around the world. Anyone who starts to criticize about what the church decides to do and allow and whatnot obviously has nothing better to do than to nag at something because it doesnt fit thier "perfect little lifestyle."

In all reality I think that the City of Elyria should be proud that something like this came to thier city so just for at least ONE NIGHT there was something entertaining, safe, and fun to do. There were a total of 258 spectators at that event most of whom are elyria high school students, and elyria catholic high school students who could have just as easily went to one in a million halloween parties where they could have drank under-age and illegally and partake in many other undisclosed events that are more than illegal, but NO! THEY CAME TO HAVE FUN LEGALLY and stay safe as well. I have not heard a negative thing about the event yet until you started in with the church.

12:15 AM  

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