Friday, June 22, 2007


Lorain Police were called to Harmon Beach last night around 8pm for a child in the water, in trouble. Friends of 15-year-old Chris Pacheco said he was out in the water swimming when he got into trouble and began yelling for help, thrashing his arms and then he went under. The Lorain Police Department Dive Team was called in and they searched until midnight when the suspended the search until daybreak. Sgt. Dan Smith, the Commander of the Dive Team said the search resumed around 7:30am and the child was found 4 hours later about 50 yards off the break wall. The Lorain Police Dive Team was assisted by The Lorain Coast Guard and the Coast Guard from Canada.

Durling Middle School Principal Jerome Davis was called this morning and told that the child was one of his students. “When I got the call this morning I wanted to come right down to see if there was anything that I could do for his family.” Davis said that the Clearview School District is a very small district but a family oriented one and this is hitting them hard. “We’ll be there for the family, we all will.”


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