Saturday, February 24, 2007


Christopher Smith was getting ready to go to dinner tonight when kids started banging on his Rosewood Apartment door yelling that their friends were trapped down at the bottom of the hill. Smith said he went with the kids behind his apartment building where the kids were sledding and somehow ended up on the other side of a creek that runs behind K building of the apartment complex.

“When I got down there I saw the kids on the other side of the creek. They had gotten over there after sledding down the hill but when they tried to cross back over they realized the ice was breaking apart. I give the kids credit for not trying to cross back over the shaky ice. It could have been much worse if they had tried to get back.”

Smith went back up the hill and contacted the Police Department who dispatched the Elyria Fire Department for the rescue.

Elyria Fire Department Lt. Rick Thraser explained how the rescue went down. “When Engine Four arrived the scene they found two small children on the other side of the bank, they had been sledding and when they went across the water they picked the wrong bank to go to. We sent in two rescuers, they traversed the river and carried the kids back and we brought them up the bank and turned them over to LifeCare.” When asked about the kids condition Lt. Thraser said that they were fine, just a little cold.
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