Monday, February 19, 2007


Eaton Township Fire Department responded to a residence Monday afternoon after receiving a call of a young girl trapped under snow.

The 10 year old girl and her friend had dug a cave into a snow mound at the end of her driveway then the girl became stuck, head first, in the mouth of the cave. Family and friends came to her rescue but it was the girl’s father who pulled her out of the snow mound. When he got her out she was blue and not breathing, he then began mouth to mouth resuscitation until Fire Department arrived, by that time she was breathing on her own and somewhat alert.

Eaton Township Fire Chief Phil Slack spoke with TMC NEWS about the call. “We received the call around 4:30 this afternoon and we responded to the home. When our crews arrived the family had already gotten the little girl out from under the snow. Our squad then transported her to Elyria Memorial Hospital.”

The girl was then flown from Elyria Memorial to Cleveland Metro Health Medical Center where she is now listed in stable condition.

TMC NEWS has decided not to release the name of the child due to her age.


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