Monday, February 26, 2007


A search and rescue mission concluded tonight in Put-In-Bay after two Cleveland area men fell through the ice on Lake Erie after a night of ice fishing. Donald and Ronald Mickey fell through the ice sometime before 9pm between Green Island and South Bass Island.

Donald Mickey was able to get out of the water on his own, on South Bass Island and when he couldn’t find his brother he went to get help. He ended up breaking a window at a Rangers office where he was looking for a phone to call for help. A resident of the Island saw this and assisted him in contacting the authorities. Put-In-Bay Police Lt. Travis Campbell told TMC NEWS that they received the call for help at 9:10pm. “We received the call of 1, possibly two men in the water. When Put-In-Bay EMS got to Donald Mickey they found him to be hypothermic and he had some lacerations from breaking the window but otherwise he was ok.”

Lt. Campbell said that the rescue consisted of Divers from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, Put-In-Bay Police and Fire Departments, U.S. Coast Guard stations in Marblehead and Detroit and Toledo Life Flight. “There was also an Island resident who assisted rescuers by bringing his air-boat out to take the firefighters and divers out to Mr. Mickey.”

Rescuers reached Ronald Mickey at about 10:30, he was holding onto the ice keeping his head and shoulders above the water. Mickey had apparently been able to get out of the water at one point but fell back in. Rescuers reached him at about 10:30. Lt. Campbell said that Mickey had no feeling in his lower extremities but was able to communicate with rescuers.

Donald Mickey remains in fair condition at the University Medical Center of Toledo while his brother’s condition has not been released. Both were flown to the hospital by helicopters after the rescue.


Anonymous Buck From Grafton said...

doesn't TMC NEWS have an associate who is also a Police Officer In Put-In-Bay? I am courious to what he has to say about this incident??

5:46 PM  

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