Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sheffield Village – A Marcos Pizza deliveryman was tied up and blindfolded as he was trying to close the store late Saturday night.

Chief Larry Bliss of the Sheffield Village Police Department said they received the robbery call at 12:37 a.m. “While an employee of Marco’s Pizza was exiting the store through a side door, two men, who we believe at this time were both white, both dressed in black and wearing ski masks, grabbed him and drug him back inside the store. They tied him up and covered his face with an apron and then took cash off of him and then from the store register.”

Once they had the cash the two fled but not before getting in a few kicks to the employee’s head while he was still lying on the pizza shop floor.

The employee was able to free himself and call the Police.

Chief Bliss said that his Officers, along with Officers and a K9 from the Avon Police Department searched the surrounding area. The K9 tracked behind the store through a wooded area to the area of Waterford Drive before losing the track.

Sheffield Village Firefighters were called to the scene to check out the employee according to Bliss. “It was purely precautionary, we wanted him to be checked out by the Paramedics before we let him go home. When the suspects pushed him to the ground his glasses cause some abrasions on his face – and of course he was very shaken up so we just wanted to make sure he was ok.”

The employee refused transport to the hospital.

Chief Bliss said that the investigation continues and he said that his Detectives would speak with other local jurisdictions that have had similar robberies recently.



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