Friday, April 24, 2009


Elyria – A couple Paramedics from LifeCare Ambulance found themselves at a crash scene Thursday afternoon – but this time their ambulance was involved in the crash.

Trooper Charlie Jackson of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said that the collision occurred as the ambulance was merging onto Route 57 from Route 2. “The ambulance entered southbound Route 57 from eastbound Route 2. The driver of the ambulance said that he merged onto 57 and had already had the right lane established – where the other driver stated that she had already the right lane established. Somewhere on Route 57 they met – and they crashed.”

When the crash occurred the Paramedics quickly jumped from their truck and checked on the other driver – 64 year old Beverly Newsome of Grafton. Newsome refused any treatment claiming no injuries.
LifeCare had been transporting a patient from the Lorain area to Elyria Memorial Hospital at the time of the crash. Another ambulance was called to the scene and took over control of the patient and continued the transport. The two Paramedics and student who were all on board at the time of the crash also denied any injuries.

A computer technician from LifeCare was also called to the scene to download a dashboard camera video. All eyes, including the Medic who had been in the drivers seat at the time of the crash, Donald Crocker of Valley City, were on the technician as he searched the computer.

They looked to the video to prove one of two stories. Crocker said that he had exited the ramp from Route 2 and had the right lane on 57 southbound established when Newsome came from the left lane into his causing the collision. Newsome said that she had established the right lane and while she saw Crocker trying to merge his ambulance onto 57 she could not get over into the left lane to allow the ambulance in because there was traffic to her left.

In the end it was discovered that the collision did not activate the camera – no video was found.

Jackson said that with two conflicting statements and with the lack of physical evidence the crash would be left as fault unknown for now.


Blogger dirtdigger said...

If you look at those very clear pictures, it seems to me the Meat Wagon driver is at fault. Just look at the damage on the ladies car, as far as the dent and the big gouge going back towards the bumper that is ripped off as well as the tire marks. She clearly was half way past the Meat Wagon when he hit her merging out into her lane.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Heather Koon said...

I thought the same thing after examining the pics.

8:37 PM  

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