Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a WIND CHILL ADVISORY for Northeast Ohio beginning at 10 pm this evening and running through 4 am Saturday morning.

As a low pressure system moves eastward into Pennsylvania tonight there will be an increase in westerly winds. Wind Chill temperatures of at least 10 degrees below zero can be expected at times tonight.

The cold temps and any wind will continue to result in these very cold wind chill temperatures through Friday night. Another approaching storm system will approach the region on Friday and will cause even stringer winds.

Wind Chill values on Friday may drop as low as 25 Degrees Below Zero.

A WIND CHILL ADVISORY is issued when strong wind will combine with cold temperatures to create dangerously cold conditions for exposed skin. The wind will make it feel like it is 15 degrees below zero or colder for a period of several hours.

If you will be outdoors use common sense and dress warmly – make sure that all exposed skin is covered. If possible avoid prolonged exposure to the cold to prevent frostbite and hypothermia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what it feels like! In the basket of Tower 1 at the Livingston ave fire. Haas

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what about the children walking to/from bus stops? I know my daughter is off school Friday thank goodness! But what about those that aren't and what about Thursday!?! Let's hope the superintendents use our weather days! I think they sometimes forget while sitting in their warm homes and nice offices that it is dangerous for the kids to be out!

Linda M.
Avon, OH

4:55 PM  

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