Saturday, January 26, 2008


Lorain – A steady stream of cars and people flowed through the Lexington neighborhood where Jose Gonzalez was killed Friday morning. Friends and neighbors took a moment Saturday to pay respects to the man they lovingly referred to as, “Mr. G”.

Teddy Bears, Flowers, Candles, handmade cards, a Cross-and other items have been left on the sidewalk in front of the Gonzalez Grocery store on Lexington Ave. since the Police removed the barrier tape from around the store.

As people arrived at the store, some by car and others on foot, they would spend a quiet moment looking at the memorial then join others in reminiscing about their friend. One lady spoke about how Gonzalez resembled TV Game Show host Howie Mandel and how there was a poster of Mandel hanging in the store. Little stories like that would always be overshadowed by the stories of how Gonzalez was a good neighbor, always willing to help his customers, his friends.

Gonzalez was known for “letting people slide” if they were a couple dollars short or for running tabs for people in the neighborhood. Gonzalez would also keep a watchful eye on the neighborhood children as they would leave the store and walk home, making sure they were safe. Not surprising many small children were seen Saturday placing teddy bears and hand written notes at the memorial.
Pastor Frances Goodwin stopped with her husband and led an impromptu prayer with some of the people at the memorial. Pastor Goodwin said that now is the time for the neighborhood and the community to come together to honor their friend, to support the Gonzalez family and get their city back on track. “He was a man to be loved and a man of love that’s for sure. I want to encourage people to keep supporting the Gonzalez family and to keep them in their prayers.”

With the continuing violence in the city I asked Pastor Goodwin what she thought would help turn the city around. “Lots of prayer, lots of prayer and people coming together. Coming together and just keeping an eye on each other. We need to remember what happened here yesterday, we can never forget the loss that we have suffered. This should teach us that this type of crime can hit us anywhere and at any hour.”
Pastor Goodwin has known Gonzalez for over 20 years, even before he owned the grocery store. She wanted the public, who never had the chance to meet Mr. Gonzalez, to know that he was a very caring and loving man. “One of the most caring men I have ever met and also a very informative people too. When you went into his store he would have a story to tell you and he always had an encouraging word for everybody. I think that meant a lot to the children when they would go in there and hear him speak in a positive way and to be very encouraging to them, that is something that will be missed.”

Pastor Goodwin and many of the people who had stopped by will be back on Tuesday night for a vigil in honor of Mr. Gonzalez. The public is welcome to attend.

The vigil will be held in front of the store and will begin at 5 pm. Tuesday night.

To see more photos of the memorial: CLICK HERE


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My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Gonzalez's family. Patsy

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