Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It is now believed that the man who drove off of I-90 this morning and plunged 100 feet down to the Black River might have taken that path on purpose. Friends say that Cavanaugh has suffered from mental illness and has been talking about killing himself for the last couple of days.

The van that Cavanaugh was driving belonged to Debbie Quimper of Riverview Lane in Lorain. Quimper had allowed Cavanaugh to move into her home one month ago because he had no money or a place to stay. Cavanaugh had talked about killing himself over the last couple days, then this morning after an argument in the home he left in Quimper’s van.

Lorain Police say that from the moment they attempted to pull Cavanaugh over he never exceeded any posted speed limits. Once on I-90 the Officer who was directly behind Cavanaugh said that it appeared that the path off the road appeared to be intentional. No skids marks or any signs of Cavanaugh attempting to stop could be found.

Quimper had her van loaded with camping equipment, children’s crafts and a large collection of seashells. She should be happy to hear that once the van was lifted from the Black River Firefighters, still in their wet suits, were picking up as many of those shells that fell from the van and boxing them up.

Cavanaugh remains in guarded condition in MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad that no emergency personnel were injured in this chase and that it ended peacefully. (Yes, ice cold water can be considered a peacemaker).
I am very glad that Mr. Cavanaugh is in a hospital and may possible receive help for any mental illness that he may be suffering from.
Also glad that the owners belongings that were in the van are going to be restored to her.
The van can be replaced, a human life cannot. I also hope she can continue to show compassion to others despite this incident. Patsy

11:35 PM  
Blogger Dave said...


I couldn't agree more with your last paragraph.

"The van can be replaced, a human life cannot. I also hope she can continue to show compassion to others despite this incident."

That is a wonderful sentiment.

Excellent job by EFD, EPD and LPD. Great pictures and story by Terry.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, all's well that ends well, but too bad he didn't seek help before putting everyone at risk like that.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reply to anonymous,
Mental Illness is just that, a mental illness.
Most people suffering from depression are not even aware until they get help that they are suffering from depression.
The fact that he followed the speed limit and was non agressive to officers sounds like he was not seeking to hurt anyone but himself.
As I said before, I am glad that he is in a hospital where he will be evaluated and possibly get the help he needs. Patsy

11:03 PM  

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